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Amazing Grace and the Ageless Man

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy pays high tribute to two of our revered conservation heroes, Bill Fix and Grace Basset...

The Newman Lake Peninsula: Grace Bassett’s Legacy

From anywhere along the shoreline of Newman Lake, Grace Bassett's conservation legacy is visible.

Zooming INW Salmon

Zoom: Bring Back the Salmon!

Our Journey Has Begun

For Inland Northwest Land Conservancy, the events of the past few weeks have catalyzed a long-overdue conversation about...

Trust for Public Lands: Parks and the Pandemic Report

The Trust for Public Lands' mission is creating parks and protecting land for people.

Check Your Mailbox

This week, our spring InLandNEWS is migrating into your mailbox with exciting stories about your Conservancy's continued...

Zooming Success!

The Conservancy’s first Zoom (video conference) presentation, “Zoom with a View: Flows to Floods - Fill, Scour, Rins...

Bird’s Eye View of Rimrock to Riverside

Join us on a drone tour of the Rimrock to Riverside connection project.

The Birds are Back in Town! Here’s Where YOU Can Find Them

We hope you've had a chance to read Catherine Henze's article about bird migration and the amazing aviary display we see...

Volunteering: The Essence of Life

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” –Aristotle

New Staff: Telling Stories of Local Land & Water

Carol Corbin joined the Conservancy team in February 2020. Although she grew up in Pennsylvania less than a mile from th...

New Board Member: Equity in Land & Water Conservation

The Conservancy is fortunate to welcome new board member Dr. Vange Ocasio Hochheimer.



2020 Impact Report

Impact Report