Your Impact in 2020

Check out a digital copy of our most recent newsletter, complete with a report of how your contributions to the Conserva...

Why Waikiki? The history and future of Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve

A River Runs Through It—and People Too! Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve: New Conservancy Land Open to the Public

Get the Inside Scoop on Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve

This meeting of INLC staff and supporters is a celebration of the purchase of Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve on the Lit...

Preserved for Public Access: INLC Takes Ownership of Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve

Water bubbling from a wooded hillside is arguably one of the most soothing nature experiences imaginable!

Rimrock to Riverside: The Next Leg of the Race

Rimrock to Riverside is an amazing connectivity project well underway, thanks to partnerships throughout the Spokane out...

River Dreams: Protecting Special Places

"Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves." – Stephen Moss

Trust for Public Lands: Parks and the Pandemic Report

The Trust for Public Lands' mission is creating parks and protecting land for people.

Zooming Success!

The Conservancy’s first Zoom (video conference) presentation, “Zoom with a View: Flows to Floods - Fill, Scour, Rins...

Bird’s Eye View of Rimrock to Riverside

Join us on a drone tour of the Rimrock to Riverside connection project.



2020 Impact Report

Impact Report