The Conservancy believes in the power of connecting people to nature. Our events are designed to give participants a unique view of lands we protect and an understanding of why they matter. We also work to instill the value of natural places in our community to raise up a human support structure for the earth here in the Inland Northwest.

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Sept. 19th – Deer Fence Installation @ Wiltzius Conservation Easement (9am-Noon)

Trees planted by volunteers and the Wiltzius family need to be protected before fall with deer fencing. We’ll be t...

September 25: More Saltese, Please!

A National Public Lands Day celebration

September 27 Saltese Rocks Geology Hike

Participants will enjoy and informational hike lead by EWU faculty member Nigel Davies while hiking the trails at Salte...

September 29 Waikiki Springs Trail Work

Trail work is teamwork at its best.  Tools and stories are shared while building something that will last for decades ...

Oct. 2nd – Tree Planting at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve (9am-Noon)

Join us at Waikiki Springs to plant some native species that benefit wildlife and forest health!

October 10 Waikiki Springs Trail Work

Trail work continues at the Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve.  Volunteers will create a legacy of useful trails for the...

October 14 Waikiki Springs Trail Work

Guaranteed to be another beautiful day at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve.  Community members will work together to cr...

Oct. 15th – Deer Fence Installation at Rimrock to Riverside (9am-3pm)

Join us at Rimrock to Riverside to install protecting fencing for plants that will be installed on October 23rd!

Oct. 17th – Bio Blitz at Rimrock to Riverside (9am-1pm)

Come do some citizen science measurements with us at Rimrock to Riverside!

October 20 Waikiki Springs Trail Work

Come see for yourself just how beautiful Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve is once autumn is in full swing.  Volunteers ...

Oct. 29th – Amphitheater Build at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve (9am-3pm)

Join us to create an outdoor education space at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve

October 30 Waikiki Springs Trail Work

One of your last opportunities to help build trails at Waikiki Springs in 2021! Volunteers will be working to create ne...

National Public Lands Day, September 25, 1-4 p.m.

More Saltese, Please!

Saturday, September 25, National Public Lands Day, from 1-4 p.m., Inland Northwest Land Conservancy would like to invite you to visit the Saltese Uplands Conservation Area and the Saltese Flats restoration project. Choose from a variety of activities, from mountain biking, to bird watching, to family-friendly hikes. Wrap up your afternoon of adventure with a status update on our efforts to raise $500,000 for this conservation purchase and to learn about plans for the future of this important land. Register for an event below and share your images from the Saltese area using #MoreSaltesePlease to help us tell this story.

National Public Lands Day at Saltese

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